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Vandhan vendran - Movie review

clock September 26, 2011 23:08 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

Vandhan vendran movie review

Vandhaan Vendraan has everything going for it- romance, eye catching photography in lush locations, peppy music and rollicking comedy.

Arjun (Jeeva) who is urgently trying to meet Ramana (Nandha) the most powerful don in Mumbai, at last achieves his goal. He narrates how he had met Anjali (Taapsee) and fell in love with her.

But her businessman dad dies in a shoot-out on the streets of Mumbai and Ramana is the reason behind it. Now, Anjai has put a condition in front of Arjun that unless Ramana surrender before the police, she will not get married to him and he takes as mission.

But the real twist lies in the second half when we realize that Ramana and Arjun are siblings and the younger brother’s secret agenda behind coming to Mumbai and getting close to the dreaded don. Jiiva carries his role with ease and Nandha as the cool underworld don approaches his part with cheatness.

Santhanam provides comedy relief. Taapsee looks cute but her lip sync and dialogue delivery stick out like a mad. The excellence actress who practically lit up Aadukalam with her unlimited charm is let down by a thankless role.

The key problem with the film is its script and narration. It can't decide if it wants to be a commercial potboiler set against the backdrop of underworld or a romantic musical. The love scenes between Jiiva and Taapsee falls flat and there is no chemistry between them.

The major plus point is Thaman’s music especially the hummable scores Kanchana Mala... and Anjana Anjana... and minty cool camerawork of PG Muthiah.

There are a few nice touches in some places, mostly the sincere attempts of the lead actors, locations and song picturisation but most of the scenes lack the energy that was required to make it interesting.

Verdict- Average

Mankatha movie review

clock September 19, 2011 22:52 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

Vijay with Muruga doss

Mankatha is all the one would expect it to be: A complete masala entertainer with parts of slickness, comedy and riveting dishoom-dishoom.
...except one unique element. The unabashed portrayal of negative shades of characters and lack of forced moral correctness Yes. In this movie, it's not always that the good guys defeating the bad guys; it’s just as the bad guys are fun enough that you'd want them to win.

The entertainment in the movie is not so much the storyline itself – which is a dirty-cops-and-heist-gone-wrong thriller – but the zippy screenplay, big doses of humour and Ajith's brilliance.

Simple story:

The latest white-collar crime with blue-collar shades? Illegal betting on cricket matches by Indian and international communities like on the IPL matches. Who are the main characters?

Jayaprakash is the unscrupulous Chettiar who owns Golden Theatres in Mumbai, which forms the front for all his illegal businesses like money laundering, gambling, etc. Also the father of Sanjana (Trisha). Then there's suspended cop Vinayak Mahadevan (Ajith), corrupted S.I. Ganesh (Ashwin), Chettiar's close friend Faizal (Arvind Akash) and Sumanth (Vaibhav), their friend Mahat (Mahat Raghavendra), his geeky friend Prem (Premgi Amaren), super cop Asst. Commissioner Prithviraj (Arjun) and his loyal aide Kamal Ekambaram (Subbu). The ladies in the movie are Sanjana (Trisha), Sona (Lakshmi Rai) and Suchitra (Anjali). Andreah plays a small role as Prithviraj's wife.

Long story short:

Chettiar convinces Mumbai's dons to use Golden Theatres to collect and divide the vast betting monies of IPL's final matches. Ganesh, Sumanth, Mahat and Prem want some of this moolah. Vinayak enters the scene with his cool scheme to take ALL of it away. Meanwhile, there's a special undercover police task force set up to close the net on these illegal betting activities. The money disappears. Chaos and mistrust happens. Mutiny in the ranks. Vinayak strives to be one step ahead of Chettiar, the cops and his own cronies. Big chunks of music, comedy and fight scenes. The plot thickens, the end happens in the series of twists and turns – and it's interesting to watch the whodunit happen and who's REALLY who in the story.

Big pluses:

First:The fact that Venkat Prabhu chose to thumb his nose at all the oft-seen fake morals-upholding business in Tamil films. So what if the bad guys are good to look at or fun enough that we as the audience would cheer for them? So what if the supposed "hero" is a cad? So what if every character has big swathes of grey in it? It's an entertainer, not a lecture on morality; our job is to sit back, relax and enjoy the hours of entertainment.

Then: This is an out-and-out Ajith film. He's greying around the temples, sports a scruffy stubble, doesn't have a hero's lightning-fast reflexes anymore and isn't skinny or rippling with muscle. But boy, he's got charisma and style. Pizzazz and panache. Looks and personality. Cool lines peppered with bleeped-out cuss words. The look, the role, the character and the mood suits him perfectly.

Next: Just because it's an Ajith film doesn't mean everyone else in the movie is simply chopped liver. Every single other character has weight and strength. The boys (Premgi, Vaibhav, Arvind Akash, Ashwin and Mahat) have done a superb job. Ashwin is especially impressive – tall, good-looking and a promising actor. Vaibhav is superb. Premgi is adorable. Mahat is one of those cute guys with a mean streak – perfect. Arvind is the perfect loyal goonda for the baddie. Arjun is on par with Ajith in heroism, the yin to Ajith's yang. Subbu is impressive as the upright police officer.

More: Nice twists and turns and fight scenes. It's good to see Ajith getting beaten up a little here and there too – it's more realistic, Hollywood-ian and one savours Ajith's fiery return barrage even more! Of course, comedy is a definite must in a Venkat Prabhu movie and everyone contributes to the haha-factor.

Some downers:

Tedious in places. The movie runs for 2 hours 35 minutes, but feels like it's 3 hours long. A couple of songs are superb, but others slip under good. In fact, there's one song with some bewildering background CG and picturisation that can be removed altogether. Some small but glaring loopholes here and there (lack of attention to detail has long been a Tamil movie failing), hard fights that could have been tightened around the belt and so on. Perhaps the biggest letdown was that the heroines were close to being completely wasted. No – they were not completely redundant; but they were not utilized to their maximum capacity either. Trisha is very pretty and has a unique fashion sense  and she's done the best she can within her character's framework, but Lakshmi Rai perhaps has the most colourful role.

Still, all in all, an entertaining end to an entertaining movie. The end credits are un-missable, so don't get up and walk away thinking the movie's over.

A.R.Murugadoss - Vijay Film shooting starts soon

clock September 15, 2011 02:53 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Vijay with Muruga doss

The first film of Muruga doss with Vijay will be started quickly. Famous model Anjela Johnson is introduced in it. One sample shooting is completed combines Anjela with Vijay. The fame Artist Santhosh Sivan is done the film shooting and this is first film in which he is working with Vijay.

The unnamed film is produced by Vijay's father S.A.Chandra sekar and Oscar Ravi chandran. Film shooting starts on September. After completed this flick, Vijay is expected to act in film which is directed by Seeman.

Mamta is going to enter wedlock

clock September 2, 2011 21:47 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Mamta Mohandas

The popular actress cum singer Mamta Mohandas is ready for wedlock. Mamta's mother confirmed that her daughter would marry her childhood friend next year, but she said more details of the groom would be disclosed. Engagement to be held in November.

Saying about her relationship with her childhood friend, the actress told while an interview: "It’s not a filmy kind romance where he proposed with roses. This actually a bond that developed over the years. In fact, he is also very close to my father. I used to visit my family in Bahrain for holidays and he used to join me there.”

"Finally, we realized that we are made for each other as we share a lot of common interests and decided to take our relationship to the next level. With family approving the relationship, we are thinking of settling down next year.” she added.

Nayan - Prabhu deva marriage on September

clock August 31, 2011 21:48 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Nayan and Prabhu deva marriage

Rumours raised that marriage happened between Prabhu deva and Nayanthara on Mumbai two days before. Both are refused this and added as, " Marriage will be on September month at Mumbai or Hyderabad grandly.

Nayanthara had a lead role in Villu which is directed by Prabhu deva. Love aroused between them during this period and they decided to marry. Mrs.Prabhu deva refused firstly. Case filed in family court. Afterwards, Ramlath accepted for divorce and family court issued divorce for both.

Nayathara converted from Christian to Hindu region. Sources said that both will be married within September month either at Mumbai or Hyderabad

Potta Potti-Synopsis

clock August 22, 2011 21:23 by author gopi

A humorous narrative, the story is set on the background of a village in Theni and hereness two cousins kodaivannan (sivam) a rather guiltless tramp and his cousin kollaivannan (umar) a mean and self-interested person with curved needs.

Both have their eyes on parijadham (harini) doughty of their uncle. The issue reaches the panchayat and they determine that who amongst the two wins a cricket match will get the girl. Meanwhile Ramesh (sadagopan ramesh) a cricketer comes to the village and knowing his, one of the brothers abducts him and pusheshim to coach his team.

The story takes a turn when Ramesh and Parijadham descend in love. what happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Mangatha Overview

clock August 21, 2011 01:01 by author gopi


Mangatha a accomplished action thriller that will recount the match fixing sagas in international cricket matches. One of the popular actor Ajithkumar perfomed by this movie. The film will star Ajithkumar in the head role with the Co-Stars Trisha, Arjun sarja, Sneha, Lakshmi rai, Ganesh venkatraman, Premji amaren.

Mangatha is all about  secret & suspense, Drama, Action & Adventure all in one. This film likely to be built as largest ever multi-starer movie of tamil cinema history. Mangatha story rotates around a Mafia gambling gang through out the Indian Premier League(IPL) cricket season. Ajith acts a negative role named Vinayak Mahadevan and Arjun acts the role of C.I.D officer.

The director of the movie is Venkat Prabhu. The movie was released september 2 announced by Director Venkat Prabhu and Producer of this movie Dayanidhi Alaghiri. The music scored by the music king Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Rowthiram Review

clock August 20, 2011 20:23 by author gopi


"Rowthiram pazhagu" is a famous line from Mahakavi Bharathi, who advocated youngsters of those days to practise anger. And revolutionists says anger is not just stops bad things, but also make good things to happen.

On the face of it inspired of this thoughts, debutant director Gokul has made "Rowthiram" with Jeeva and shriya saran playing the lead roles. After a long gap, this Jeeva starrer is produced by his home banner Super Good Films led by his father and ace producer          RB Choudary.

If the sources are to be beleived, "Rowthiram" features Jeeva in the role of an angry youngsters, who questions the system and the exposed holes on it. Shriya is his collateral lover who also happens to be a law student.

Says Jeeva whose career graph has touched new heights post the success of "ko" movie, "The significant argue behind many actrocities in the society is lack of anger among public. people get mute spectators for violent incidents. The film tries to rectify a solution on it."

"Rowthiram" will be shriya's tamil release after a long gap. "It will be an important movie in shriya's career. She is eagar looking forward for the release ," they say.

The cinematography of this film is Shanmugasundharam. The music are scored by new comer prakash nikki. Prakashraj and Jayaprakash are acting polar roles in this film. which is to be released WorldWide by telesat Media Matrix Pvt Ltd.

The popular Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Aacharya plays an important role in this movie.

Super Good Films has introduced more than 50 filmmaker to tamil cinema and Gokul is the latest addition. "Jeeva is a great perfomer and he's  a director's actor. He was ready to go to any poke out to get his act right. I am very happy to make my entry with Super Good Films that too with Jeeva in this lead role," concludes Gokul.

Aadhi Bhagavan release on 2011

clock August 17, 2011 00:36 by author gopi


href="http://blog.tamilmp3songslyrics.com/admin/Pages/Add_entry.aspx?id=3e7bc45e-2301-402c-aa84-a0becf60212c" target="_blank">Aadhi Bhagavan is the Tamil Movie produced by J Anbhazhagan. One of the famous actor Jayam Ravi is acting as a hero in this movie, Actress Neetu Chandra act as a heroin, and other casting with Sudha Chandran and actor karunas in that movie. Tamil movie Aadhi Bhagavan directed by Ameer who writes story, screenplay, dialogue. All songs in this movie are scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja.


The movie will be released within this year announced by the producer  J Anbhazhagan and director of the movie Ameer.

7aam Arivu release on Diwali

clock August 14, 2011 00:35 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
7aam Arivu

One of the leading directors, A.R.Murugadoss has completed most of scenes of "7aam Arivu" in which Suriya and Shruthi Haasan have main roles. The director is very busy in poster works. The concept of film is time machine which has been brought to India by a scientist. This movie is dubbed in Hindi and Telugu too. Producers of this film are planned to release it for Diwali special.

Suriya has 3 important characters such as scientist, Buddhist and circus artist. The stunt actor is Tri Nguyen plays the baddie. Music is scored by Harris Jayaraj and  camera work performed by Ravi K Chandran. 

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