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Priyamani shows maximum glamour in Telugu..

clock February 16, 2010 01:05 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

As in Tamil, Priyamani shows variety glamour like kissing scene, bikini and bedroom scenes in Telugu also.

To break the image of village character "Mutthalagi" in "Paruthiveeran", starts to act in glamour scenes and she increases her glamour afer getting lot of chances in Telugu. In "Dhrona" film shows glamour in swimming dress and fell down her dress at one stage. This nude still spreaded in net by somebody.

Now, play to "Saathyam" with "Jabathi babu". In this film, she acted in 2 bed room scenes and lip to lip kiss scene. She acted in this film very naturally and sexy too.

When asked her about this, " when say the depth of love, i acted so, what's mistake in this?" she replied.

At Godambakkam cine people murmuring as "Priyamani puts extra expenses to variety of dresses in Tamil eventhough acts more too in Telugu.


Action hero - Santhanu...

clock February 15, 2010 22:31 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Santhanu in Sithu +2

Santhanu plays as love hero in 'Sithu +2' and becomes love and action hero in 'Aairam vilakku'. He says, " I decided to prefer action than soft characters in future".

Shriya lectures at IIM.

clock February 15, 2010 21:27 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Shriya at IIM

IIM, India's one of the most popular education centre in which Shriya delivered lecture to students.

Consider the importance of media and cinema, IIM introduces separate course about film management from this year. Based on this Shriya took a class and she is the only actress to give lecture in India. Except her, Ameer Khan and Sharuh khan are getting the honour for addressed in IIM. She explained about how do market and brand a film.

10% students assembled due to the announment of Shriya's presence already. They listened the class peacefully.

She justified the secrets of success in marketing the film in Tamil, Telugu Industry.

Kajala to marry actor Allari Naresh!

clock February 15, 2010 20:58 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

 The famous Tamil/Telugu actress Kajala will get marry soon. She weds Telugu actor Allari Naresh. Kajala was introduced by Actor Arjun in "Yelumalai" film. She acted in lot of films especially "Durai", "Raman theydiya seethai" , "Ram" and she is the leading actress in Telugu.

She tried to do suicide at 2002 due to love failure and actor Arjun has rescued her and admit her at hospital.

"Kajala fall in love with Allari Naresh", sources said. Kajala confirmed this and said that marriage would be announced soon. Allari Naresh is the son of director E.V.V. Love grows when both were acted in two films. This marriage is not only love but also agreed by parents.


Once again Ranjitha!

clock February 15, 2010 03:46 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

Ranjitha wants to be in film even though settled in family. She acted in "Ravana" directed by Mani Ratnam and intends to act in one thrilling movie. Plans to visit to Mayalam until fail to get expected characters in Tamil.

Reading books - Actresses

clock February 15, 2010 03:23 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

As actress Rahini used to read books when gets free in shooting, Poonam Baajva prefers books. Both of them reads almost thrilling novels even Rahini has a collection of English thrilling movies's VCDs.

Remakes soon the "Karakaatakkaran"

clock February 15, 2010 02:01 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

Gangai Amaran remakes the film " Thillana Mohanambaal" which acted by Shivaji Ganeshan as "Karakattakkaran". His son Venkat Prabhu plans to remake Karakattakkaran also decided to participate his daddy Gangai Amaran and his uncle Illaya Raja in this film.

Aasal reviews

clock February 14, 2010 20:31 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Aasal Ajith and Prabhu

Dad Ajith writes his whole property to his illegitimate son without hoping his wife's sons. Then, Gets ready 'Asal Ajit' and says "I'm the original".

Saran tries to prove 'original' technically. Whole film covers France, Malaysia tremendously in Jamesbond style.

Some scenes " Introduction of Ajit ", " build - up", " Stylish smooking " make delight the 'Thala' fans. He played very casually with less dialogues especially he gets applaud in fight scenes.

Sameera reddy the usual "Don" character who appears as lean, height and tied with Ajit always.

Still, could have paid such attention to Ajit-Sameera related scenes. Facial gestures of Bhavana so nice.

Though story is old, some stylish things make the story polished.

As Ajit comes throughout the film,  Ajit fans enjoy it. Getting bored when filmstory travels very straight and hero role moves rapidly.

Except these, thrilling is missing even though Sambath, Rajiv Krishna and Pradeep (negative roles) exist. Ghelly is exceptional. Though our old hero Suresh as polish commissioner does something interesting, not getting impact. Otherwise boat chasing in Mumbai, Malaysia scenes, Lignt editing of Prasad are cool. Antony's editing Superb!.

Yughee sedhu's commedy remembers "Janaga raj" acquire small effect. Not shiny except " Dhuishyanthan " song in Bharatvaj music.


Aasal - 60% , Polish - 40%


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Reviews of Tamilpadam

clock February 13, 2010 23:21 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

It immitates commercial build up brutal which spreads in tamil film over some decades of years.

Congrats to C.S.Amuthan to give spoof treatment to his first film which directed himself in film world.

They say how do come out hero if typical tamil film which based on scenes of tamil hit films.

Valcano blasts in small boy Shiva's mind while seeing rowdy's activities. He asks "Grand ma, When do i become adult to ask this awkwards". Grand ma tells, "Lift in that cycle and make pedal ". Hero Shiva appears within complete single pedal. When complete the fight with rowdies , 'Next worldwide super star of TN', ' New Talapathi', 'Vice Captan',' 'CM of 2011'  are ready.

Shiva becomes multimillionaire within get ordered coffee, English pop song in family CD, Nexalite supplies tea in secret meeting of police, when heard the screaming of heroine, Shiva throws away his hopital glugose trip angrily and pass urine at a time, to escape from rowdies he twists the run sub-way. So film is full of pasparous cracker.

Shiva gets chance to immitate scenes of sevaral super dooper heroes in single film. He done superb, when "try to kill 'Delhi Ganesh', he requests him , 'Don't move...Haven't u interested?'" and to impress his lover, doing classical dance as bowling and excerise method".

Shiva's body language is plus when he blasts as valcano and turns cool instantly in next scene. So fantastic!, M.S.Baskar,  Veneeradai Moorty and Mano Bala are appeared as Shiva's college friends who wears T-Shirt, Cooling glass, and call like 'Machan', 'Maplay'.

Santhuru dialogues get score for, " I took knife at my 8 yrs old", "Hello, i gather my village in 3 yrs old by shouting". Neerasha's light editing gives extra value to film.

Director could have avoided some scenes which comes in second half that pass through without any reasons. This mimicry film wins in the way gets admire with applaud by immitating mega hit commercial films which already most impressed us.


                                                                  Tamilpadam - Jollypadam.

"Yavarum kelir" Trisha - heroine for Kamal Hassan film

clock February 13, 2010 22:24 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

Its confirmed about Trisha is the heroine of "Yavarum kelir" film and proclaimed that she has signed in agreement. After confirmation of this film directs by K.S.Ravi Kumar and Production is Udhayanitha stalin, she placed at chennai getting dates adjustment with her Hindi, Telugu producers. 

Trisha gave her whole call sheet to Kamal. This broad-mind for what?

"Acting with Kamal is aim of my cinema carrier also agreemented in 'Marmayogi" film' already and got oppurtunity scarcely to take rehearsal. Memorable days in those i have learnt tamil with Kamal. But put off that film by inevitable reasons. Now i got chance of "Marma yogi".

If I miss this also , can I get oppurtunity once more? thats why i commited continuous call sheet to this film. She excited over as "Kamal sir is important to me than other films"".

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