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Anushka visits to see Manorama

clock November 4, 2011 21:37 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

Leading South Indian heroine Anushka visited veteran actress Manorama on Thursday at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai and made enquiry with the doctors about Manorama’s health progress. Importantly, both actresses worked together in 2009 film Arundhathi.

Except Anushka, many leading actors from Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu visited the actress in the last few days and wished her a speedy recovery. Manorama, who underwent a surgery for a head injury she affected when she fell in her bathroom, is recovering. According to hospital sources, Manorama is out of danger and is doing well.

Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam - Film Review

clock May 15, 2010 03:09 by author gopi

Starring :   Lawrence, Lakshmi Rai, Padma Priya, Sandhiya, Nasar, M.S.Baskar

Direction :     Simbu Devan

Music :         G.V.Prakash

Production :  AGS Entertainment

If you've been waiting for something truely different to hit the screens, then there won't be a better time to you to be in theatres. Yeah! Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam offers the cinema fans a commercial treat.

                  Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam , a good entertaining masala film and a worth to mention comedy movie taken from a different perspective and background. Director simbudevan has given us yet another one of his theme comedies .This is kind of a periodic movie and has shown the way of culture and living during the so called “cowboy period”. The sets and costume has to be appreciated as it went on with the theme of the movie. The songs are pretty good and dance by our murattu singam is awesome. Humour  has stagnated in every part of the movie but yet the first half  is more funnier. The movie has all aspects of a masala movie and has comedy as its key element. The story revolves around action with gun shooting scenes, rage and bravery.

              The story starts with Lawrence trying to find a way to help educate 3 poor kids. He finds few people from irumbu kottai who has lost murattu singam, their greatest hero who looks exactly like him. So Lawrence who is a coward is asked to act as murrattu singam from which he would get a diamond in return. So he accepts for the sake of the children. The story is about the encounters around murattu singam, whether he helps the people in justice and where he finally ends up. The first half is filled with romance and comedy while the other travels around adventure and action.  

              Actor Lawrence who is the murattu singam in the movie has revealed his acting talent with a touch of hilarious expressions and great tricks like the way he handles the gun, the cigar etc. All the heroines are looking gorgeous with each having a different look but lakshmi roy has made the guys go woo. The team of co-actors gets lots of applause from the audience and has given a great pillar to the comedy. Irumbu kottai murattu singam has iron strong comedy with murattu fights with a great team of actors(the lions) and a worth watch with family and friends.


Kutti Pisasu - Film Review

clock May 8, 2010 02:13 by author gopi
Tamil Film kutti pisasu
Starring : Baby Keerthika, Ramji, Sangeetha, Ramya Krishnan, Kanja Karuppu

Direction : Rama Narayanan

Music : Deva

Production : Thenaandal Films

The summer treat for kids is here. Kutti Pisasu is an interesting mix of the desi elements that have pervaded our cinema for many years and new age technology an amalgamation of superstition and science. The basic plot of the movie is the old reliable good versus evil tussle. The superstitious aspect of the movie consists of a human sacrifice, an erratic but benevolent goddess, a centuries old boon, reincarnation and revenge. The new age angle is brought about a 'Transformers' style car which becomes a life size robot e'ery now and then to bash up the baddie and e'en dance to a few tunes.

Ramji and Sangeetha play the happy middle class couple with a daughter who has just started going to school. E'erything is fine in their lives until it starts appearing that their daughter has become a different person altogether. How could that be? Well, there is only one way possible - when a wondering spirit decides to enter into a body to achieves its end.

What does the spirits have to do desperately? We're told about how an innocent lady put to death by a gang of men blinded by superstition in order to find magical secrets. Now, She wants to wreck revenge through this toddler. But, it's not going to be all that easy against scheming baddies. So in comes the car to help the small girl. And as it turns out e'en the car is a reincarnation; that of the killed lady's brother, who too was a victim of the gang's atrocities. There's also a centuries old boon from a goddess which protects the kid and her companion in her quest for vengeance.

Quite obviously, the film contains a lot of make believe and many points that require suspension of disbelief but isn't that the kind of thing that we expect while watching a film that's directed towards children. It's not laden heavily with emotions and twists, just a simple good versus evil fable and it doesn't take much to guess which side wins in the end. But, the bottom line is whether the kids will be able to enjoy what is on offer?

Technically Kutti Pisasu has some fine special effects work to talk of the fact that all graphics were done without any help being sought from Hollywood or other industries augurs well for Tamil cinema. This is proof that local talent that can do a fairly good job. The dance moves of the 'Transformer' robot and its fight moves have been really well crafted. But there's the feeling that the camera work could have been a shade better to match up to the graphics. Songs and BGM by Deva suit the mood and feel of the film.

A veteran like Rama Narayanan must be thanked for taking the effort rebvive an almost forgotton genre. The intentions are very plain and clear to capture the imagination of the children. Though there seems to be a bit of old school thought which might not be readily identified by today's children, there're enough cars and colours to keep them happy and engaged.

In short this film is a jolly summer outing for the children.

Penn Singam - Cast & Crew

clock May 7, 2010 01:32 by author gopi

Hero : Udhay Kiran

Heroine : Meera Jasmine

Director : Ilavenil

Story, Screen Play, Dialogue : Dr.M.Karunanidhi

Music Director : Ilaya Raja

Lyricist : Vairamuthu, Paa.Vijay

Co-Actors : Karthika, Kanja Karuppu, Manorama, Kovai Sarala

Genre : Family



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