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Sun pictures buys Rajapattai

clock November 5, 2011 22:23 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

Rajapattai film is acquired by Sun pictures. Vikram has lead role. Suceendhran is director. Deesha sath is heroine. Shreya and Reema sen comes for an item song in this film.

Mangatha and vedi are received by Sun pictures. Mangatha only won. Vedi film didn't run for long time.

Final shootings are going for Rajapattai. Nanban in which starrs Vijay will be published by Sun Pictures.

Vikram's Raja pattai

clock June 7, 2011 20:40 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
 Actor Vikram

Raja Pattai which combines Vikram and director Suseendran was launched in Chennai recently. Sexy siren Deeksha Seth, who created waves in Tollywood within a short time, will make her Kollywood debut with this film in which Vikram will play a dual role.

Deeksha has exposed that she will play the role of a modern college-going girl in Raja Pattai. Abhinaya will also be seen in a salient role. Yuvan Shankar Raja will score music and Madhie is the cinematographer of this complete action thriller. Ex-service man actor K. Viswanath will look as Vikram's father.

Bollywood actress becomes pair to Vikram

clock May 17, 2011 22:38 by author kanchanacdmoorthy

Karikaalan is the next film of Vikram in the lead role. L I Kannan is director in this film which is being produced under the banner Silver Line Film Factory. Bollywood actress Zarine will be paring with Vikram. She has already acted in Hindi films including Veer.

The expected Karikaalan is a historical film based on the life of King Karikaalan. There will also be fantasy to give pep for the film. This high budgeted film has animatronics, miniature and graphics. Because of this lot of technicians and specialists will be joining in this project from abroad. The film production is S S Vasan and S Parthi who produced Singam Puli which had Jeeva in the lead role.

Deiva thirumagan - Movie overview

clock May 9, 2011 20:32 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Deiva thirumagan movie overview

Release Date : 20 May 2011

Story : Deiva thirumagal film is a remake of Hollywood movie calling "I Am Sam". Vikram plays the role of a mentally challenged person who fights for guardianship of his seven year old daughter after his wife death. Anushka plays the role of an advocate & "Mynaa" fame Amala paul plays the role of Vikram's wife.

Other Cast & Crew of Deiva thirumagan

Director:   Vijay A L
Producer:   Mohan Natarajan
Music Director:   G V Prakash Kumar
Lyricst: Na.Muthukumar

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"Youth Envoy of UN" award to Vikram

clock April 12, 2011 21:06 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Actor Vikram

National award winning actor Chiyaan Vikram has been announced as the Youth Envoy of United Nations Habitat, a United Nations Human Settlement Programme for the Asian Contingent. Every year only four higher personalities are selected for this honour; this time, Vikram is one of them. The convention is to be held from April 11 to 15, 2011. The actor has also been invited for the Governing council meet in Kenya this year.

Vikram is currently awaiting the release of Deiva Thirumagan, directed by Madarasapattinam Vijay. In the film, Vikram will appear as Krishna, a man suffering with a developmental disorder.

Vikram becomes hero in Hindi movie soon.

clock August 12, 2010 20:34 by author kanchanacdmoorthy
Film Actor Vikram

Most of oppurtunities are arriving towards to Vikram from Hindi due to better performance in "Raavan" and through this a lot of fans formed for Vikram in Hindi.

By a single character he performed both hero and anti hero role thus he was impressed all Hindi fans. Most film makers congratulate his performance and invites him to act in their films.

Neeraj banday is one of them who is the director of "A wednesday" flick. Nasuruthin sha, Anubam ker were acted in his film calling "Unnaippol Oruvan" in which Kamal, Mohan lal were acted in Tamil. It became hit in Tamil and Hindi.

Neeraj pandey was met Vikram during his chennai visit and he told that he was intensed by "Raavan" film. He also requested him to act in his film and Vikram accepted his request.

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Priyamani, Bhavana to act together

clock July 1, 2010 23:49 by author saranya
Tamil Film Actoress Bhavana with Priyamani

Yes, the Vikram's sister in 'Raavanan' and Ajith's love interest in 'Aasal' are set to share the screen space, but not in a Tamil movie. Priyamani and Bhavana will work together for a Kannada film, title 'Vishnuvaradhan'.

The movie, apparently titled as a tribute to the late Kannada superstar 'Vishnuvaradhan', will also have Sudeep and Sonu Sood in pivotal roles, say sources in the know "It has a different storyline with equal importance to all stars," they say.

"Priyamani, who is getting ready to leave for the United Srates, will join 'Vishnuvaradhan' team on her coming back to India by the end of July, while Bhavana will start working for the movie form August," sources add.

Interestingly, this is not the first time for either Bhavana of Priyamani, both from Mollywood, to act in a Sandalwood film. Priyamani has acted in films like 'Raam' and 'Eno Onthara' while Bhavana starred opposite Puneet Rajkumar in 'Jackie'.

Vikram scores better than Abishek Bachan!

clock June 24, 2010 06:09 by author gopi



Stories about Raavan and Raavanan are far from over. Even though it has got moderate response, still the movie is making news. Now, critics have started scanning Abishek Bachan's and Vikram's performances about who has portrayed the lead role better?

It is understood that Tamil audience will rate Vikram acting as a best and Hindi audience will give thumbs-up to Abhishek's role. But the fact is, the fans who have seen both theversion can only answer this question. Film critics have rated Abhishek's acting and dialogue delivery in the Raavan have not reached the expectations of the audience.

To add salt to the injury, Abhishek's diving stunt in the film was caught in the controversy, when the stuntman Balaram stated that it was performed by him and not by Abhishek. Whereas his counterpart Vikram performance has been appreciated in both the version and critics has rated his acting as outstanding. Whom do you rate as a better, Vikram or Abhishek? drop your comments below.

Raavanan - Movie Review

clock June 21, 2010 21:57 by author saranya
Tamil Film Raavanan

Title              : Raavanan

Director          : Mani Ratnam

Producer        : Madras Talkies

Music Director : A.R.Rahman

Casting         : Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, Prithviraj, Priyamani, Prabhu, Karthik muthraman, Ranjitha, Vaiyapuri.

The Story      : Let's get this Straight. Raavanan is not Mani Ratnam's attempt to venerate the epic villain whose name the movie is titled after. It's not also a study on comples human relationships Weighed Weighed down by trust, conviction or quandary. It's pure cinematic retreat spanning across the dense jugles of Southern and Central India With exceptional cinematography (Santosh Sivan and Manikandan), by-now cult songs (A.R.Rahman) and interesting Performances by its lead actors. And the significance of the movie appears in the same order mentioned above.

Mani's conviction of illustrating an unachievable love story between the two leads (Aishwarya Rai and Vikram) is palpable from the very start of the movie. However, the blossoming of love doesn't quite form the back bone of Raavanan so much. The movie digresses into other aspects - a man hunt, flash backs, revenge drama and so on and so forth. The man hunts lack dexterity. the revenge drama that is triggered by the death of Vikram's sister seems engineered and Prithviraj often comes across as stiff - Showing unnecessary tautness in the character that is probably designed to defy emotions (may be because he is in his Khakis?).

But all that is absolved, as the movie stunningly unfolds often drenching itself in the monsoonal deluge making you feel rain-soaked. If you have any doubt about Mani's eternal love affair with rain, Raavanan stands as a remarkable testimony. It rains in the song sequences. in encounters and in emotional scenes. And at other instances, the sky is constantly downcast as if threatening to pour down. And the cinematography captures it all in delightful exuberance.

For the most part, Vikram owns the movie seizing it magnificently even from Mani's own hands. His love blooms out of astonishment at the outwardly courage displayed by Aishwarya Rai and he makes those scenes persuasive for the viewer. He infuses life into the character and shows no jaggedness, falling for a married woman thus replicating, probably the characters of Raavanan. Suhasini's profound dialogues come in havdy in many places and the viewer is made to read between lines quite often.

Aishwarya Rai's semblance of the late Padmini is unmistakable, it could be her dialogues or the way she manages her composure attebtively even in the hardest of terrains the character puts her through. The lady sure has attempted to reach on par with Vikram in performance in many sequences. Kudos to Mani for a dignified portrayal of his lead woman. There is a refreshing strength in Ragini's character brought out well by Aishwarya.

Prithvi plays a toughie police officer and somehow his character portrayal leaves a few questions unansered: for instance, his love for Aishwarya Rai is weighed down by his commitment and that singular fact does not come across convincingly.

Priyamani plays the ill-fated Vennila and leaves a lump in your throat. Karthik in his second innings steals the show. Prabhu and Munna play support roles that edd and flow with the movie.

Cinematography by Santosh Sivan is brilliant and has rendered the perfect support for Mani. His probing lens takes the audience through the thick jungles, the mighty waterfalls and the rough terrains of India. Music and art direction play equally momentous role in Raananan as its lead actors. If not for Rahman's songs and background score. Vikram's unrequited love wouldn't have been so painful for us. The songs have already been much debated about and leave no scope for further discussion. One word though: it's not for nothing "Usure Pogude...." has achieved a cult status. You tend to try hard not to fall in love but fail with the song as Vikram heaves a sigh of relief, having seen Aishwarya Rai breathing and alive after a steep fall.

Sameer Chanda's art direction complements the ruggedness and splendid beauty of the nature in the jungles so well you refuse to believe anything is man-made.

A major drawback is the lack of 'Tamil' feel in the film and its music; it more appears for the audience north of Vibdhyas in many places. What Mani loses out is the pace over the later part of the first half; he gains it back with a major twist in the climax. Although you have a few questions about the incidents leading to the finale, those are done away with - thanks to the elegiac climax.

Raavanan - MoveOverview

clock June 5, 2010 20:25 by author saranya
Tamil Film Raavan

Title : Raavanan

Director : Mani Ratnam

Producer : Mani Ratnam

Music Director : A.R.Rahman

Actors : Aishwarya Bachchan, Vikram, Prithiviraj and Priyamani.

Release Date : Jun 18, 2010

The Story : Raavan story is about a Raavan (Vikram) who is waiting for a chance to take revenge on a police officer Ram (Prithviraj) who was responsible for the death of his sister. At the same time Ram gets married to his love Janaki (Aishwarya Rai).

But on the very next day of the marriage Raavan kidnaps Janaki and takes her away. Later Janaki comes to know of the real Ram and falls in love with Raavan. In the end after a fiery duel Raavan Vikram loses to Ram Prithvi. But when Ram wanted to take Janaki back home she refuses to go and stays with Raavan.

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