7aam Arivu movie review

Interesting fare
while successful team combines, expectations fully rises high. SO is the case with 7 Aum Arivu. Suriya,
director A R Murugadoss and music composer Harris Jayaraj team up again after the blockbuster Ghajini, definetly all eyes
are on the movie. Check out 7 Aum Arivu Movie Review.

The flick starts in sixth century AD and Bodhi Dharman (Suriya), a Pallava prince goes to China from Kanchipuram. He is considered the messiah of masses in China as he helps people in the village to overcome an epidemic. Moreover he teaches martial arts and is considered the founder of Shaolin. After his demise, he is worshipped as Tao by all in China.

The concept is cut to present and enters Aravindh (Suriya), a circus employee . He works in Greaty Bombay Circus. He falls for Suba Sreenivas (Sruthi), a research student. Aravindh and Suba become thick pals and the former falls for SUba’s charm. Meanwhile, he comes to know that Suba has some motive behind her activities.

Moreover a sequence of events represent that Chinese government is planning to unleash harm to India by planning Operation red and sens one Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen), a matrtial arts expert to Chennai. He is informed to kill Suba for Chinese government fears that her research on Bodhi Dharman would hinder all their plans.

Suba knows that Bodhi Dharman was forefather of Aravindh and finds out that both DNA their matches. Now her task is bringing to liofe the heroice of Bodhi Dharman through Aravindh to thwart the plans of Chinese government. How they achieve the task is what the film is all about.

Everbody knows the effort Suriya puts behind each role of his. When he gets a chance to do such characters like Bodhi Dharman and a circus artiste Aravindh, he amazes. His hard work is visible. Also the way he shaped up his physique to suit the role deserve mention. Watch out for Suriya in a casual performance as Bodhi Dharman. He is excellent. Sruthi makes a good debut. She gets a meaty role to perform. She is there dancing, romancing and has enough emotional scenes too.
Johnny Tri Ngyuen is a welcome addition to Tamil cinema. He as baddie oozes bvenom in every move of his. All other teh cast does a decent job.

It is a tough storyline and it demands grandeur to reach out to the masses. A R murugadoss has done his part well. he has done immense research and ensured that the message is loudly and clearly conveyed through the film. Ravi K Chandran’s cinematography captures Chinese village well. Harris Jeyaraj’s tunes are interesting but reminds of Ayan and Aadhavan at places. Rajeevan’s art direction is good but Anthony’s editing could have been more crisp.

A different story. But what spoils the party is events that unfolds. Unfortunately they are little amateurish and predictable. Murugadoss has tried his best to sustain momentum, unfortunately it loses plot as it enters second half. It’s well begun, but unfortunately seems to be half-done.

Verdict: 4.0/ 5